Make your stakes superfluid

Automated liquidity layer for PoS chain staked assets, enabling DeFi with a perpetual yield source.

Two Tales of Staking

It's critical for an average user to have surety on his/her staked capital accruing a consistent yield, and be protected. On the other hand, a professional validator player must have the capital to perform PoS chain validation.

Risk-free yield

Effortlessly participate in the novel staking process simply holding a dToken, a 100% non-slashable 1:1 representation of your underlying stake, and the rewards accrued, just like a cDAI. You can use it with all DeFi protocols while enjoying staking yield.

Validation Market

Run a tokenized validator node and mint a branded SLOT token for your validator as an onchain equity that bears trade value for its stake LP share in the total chain staking. SLOT is bringing the corporate bond of DeFi, which provides its holders a steady APY.

Activate DeFi on your PoS staking and enjoy automated extra yield.

Stay in the loop!

Universal Basic Savings
for anyone, from anywhere, forever.

Encrypted Savings

Our first step to financial inclusion begins with interest-bearing savings account for all -> Open Saver ($aver) enables everyday users to earn USD denominated interest direct from PoS staking yield on their FIAT.

A Million Dreams at Stake

BlockSwap Network is on a mission to make Proof of Stake networks accessible to everyday users, giving them a consistent yield source to chase their dreams and bring stability to their lives.

As an L1 for automated stake liquidity for Proof of Stake networks. It helps them to maintain a healthy staking rate for continuous security. Also, being a natural complement for all DeFi protocols to tap liquidity from a native yield earning asset source helps them provide new offerings to its users.

Our trustless-layer for automated stake liquidity ensures PoS chains assets are staked and liquid, so its users can partake in DeFi yield opportunities on top of their staking return without compromising the base PoS chains security. We look forward to onboard 100's of thousands of new users on to the PoS chains through this liquid middle layer enabled by staked assets; that provide a direct yield from staking on a token without needing to participate or learn the staking technicalities.

Let's build an inclusive future where everyone has free and open access to their money, with a financial system that functions in their favor. Only permissionless blockchains can ensure fair and accessible financial services as a fundamental right for everyone.

Join us on the journey toward an inclusive financial experience

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